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Kim & Tim

Kim and Tim, a wife and husband duo, are excited to bring together their creative talents with arts, technology and DIY endeavors to  provide services or create products for their customers to enjoy and appreciate!

About Kim |

Artist, Graphic & Web Designer

Certified Zentangle® Teacher


Kim is the creative designer.  Kim is a Deaf Artist, a Certified Zentangle® Teacher and utilizes her creative talents in arts, graphic and web design.   She received both her Masters of Science in Adult, Occupational and Continuing Education, and Bachelors of Science in Human Development and Family Studies from Kansas State University.  She worked in the Vocational Rehabilitation and Mental Health fields for 20+ years and is now retired from those fields.

Kim has been an amateur crafter/artist/graphic/web designer for many years. She is passionate about lifelong learning and creativity.  She had just never attempted to make a career out of it – until now. 


The story of the beginnings of Anderson Designs is that it wasn’t until Kim stumbled across the zentangling, doodling, and coloring craze that she discovered more of what she was truly capable of doing.  Especially in terms of expanding her artistic skills. The process was a confidence builder,  which pushed her to make a decision to really do something about her creative side and make a business out of it.  Why can she not earn a living doing something she loves doing and have fun with too.   Hence, she opened up this business in April of 2014 as The Purple O, which has now changed to Anderson Designs in 2019! 

Now, The Creativity Planners are an integral part of Anderson Designs’ humble beginnings – starting with the former Purple O.  Kim is very proud to have designed the Creativity Planner from scratch from the very front cover to the back cover. Every detail about the Creativity Planner was exclusively designed and chosen by her.   It is the greatest graphic design achievement of hers - she never thought this was something she could do or create - but she did! The planners was the creative stepping boost to all that came after.  There are still some planners left and they will not be restocked once they are sold out. Kim has other projects to focus on and produce!  Kim wants Anderson Designs to continue to boost and nurture creativity – whether it be in arts, graphic and/or web design, or DIY projects!

About Tim |

Video Productions/Media/Web & DIY Builder

Tim is the creative video productions and builder.  He uses his creative talents in technology and DIY home improvement designs and projects.  He received his Associates of Arts Degree from Johnson County Community College in Kansas, majoring in American Sign Language Interpreting.  He was a freelance ASL interpreter for 25+ years.  He was also a professor for 7+ years for the Interpreter Training Programs at Cowley County and Johnson County community colleges. He has retired from that field and moved on to new creative endeavors in the communications/media/web/video development and DIY design projects.  He is currently employed as the Communications Director for the Central States Synod Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  He is contributing his amazing talents to Anderson Designs on the side to have fun doing things he loves doing along with his wife Kim.

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