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SOLD OUT!  The ultimate collection of Kim Anderson's Rainbow De'VIA art for serious art collectors.  Only twenty books will be numbered, autographed and will include a personal note from the artist.  Two purchase options available!  Order just the book, or order the book with an ORIGINAL artwork! 

Rainbow De'VIA book

The Rainbow De'VIA Genre Collection

by Kim Anderson

Illustration Copyright ©2019 Illustrated by Artist Kimberly A. Anderson

Narrative Text Copyright ©2019 by Author       

Kimberly A. Anderson


Artist Kim Anderson curated this rare (only 20) art collector's limited edition addition to the 2019 February De'VIA Challenge.  The gorgeous, vibrant and one of a kind collection of the 29 rainbow De'VIA genre art productions best encapsulate the artist's Deaf worldview and experience in a way lay people can instantly understand and appreciate. Each colorful production was illustrated and narrated within 24 hours using the motif of the day. 

Now accepting orders.  The timeline for the book production and shipping is 4 weeks.  Thank you for your advance support of the artist's work!

For additional information about De'VIA . . . read more

The illustrations of this book was created using scrapbook papers, die cut shapes from Cricut and assorted embellishments.


A Letter To God

The Lord's Prayer Translated

Illustration Copyright ©2010 Illustrated by Artist Kimberly A. Anderson

Translation Text Copyright ©2010 by Authors          Carol Montgomery Beall (Artist's Mother)  &                Aubrianna J. Anderson (Artist's Daughter)


Most children can recite the Lord's Prayer flawlessly, but are most likely unable to explain the meaning behind each line of the Prayer. The author(s) translates the Lord's Prayer in this beautifully illustrated book in terms children can understand.

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