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2019 De'VIA Art Gallery

What is De’VIA? 

Deaf View/Image Art, also known as De’VIA, is art genre that examines and expresses the Deaf worldview and experience from a cultural, linguistic, and intersectional point of view.

About the De’VIA February Challenge

2019 was the fifth Year that the De'VIA Central Facebook page held their February Challenge. This De’VIA challenge was started by renowned Deaf Artist, Nancy Rourke.

Rules to the challenge are basic – must use the motif of the day and complete the De’VIA genre artwork with the said motif within 24 hours.  Hence, each of the 29 art productions below were made in a day’s work – including the thoughts put into the narratives to explain the meaning behind each piece of work. Completing all 28 days of art in February was an achievement in itself.


NOTE:  the narratives are authentic to what was posted in the Facebook group challenge - no corrections were made after the challenge in order to reflect the actual thinking within the 24 hours allowed.  The vlog below explains a little bit about my journey with the art challenge.  

DAY 1 "To Have or Not To Have"

DAY 2 "As Nature Intended"

DAY 3 "Truth Revealed"

DAY 4  "Conversion Therapy"

DAY 5  "Infinitely Immortal"

DAY 6  "Consumer Report"

DAY 7 "Role Models"

DAY 8 "World Renowned"

DAY 9 "Time Is Money"

DAY 10 "Repressed Anger"

DAY 11 "Protection from the Language Snatchers"

DAY 12 "Distorted Valuation"

DAY 13a "Equal But Wow"

DAY 13b "Grassroots Mobilization"

DAY 14 "Sentenced To Life"

DAY 15 "Existential Silhouettes"

DAY 16 "Head Start"

DAY 17 "Solitary Confinement"

DAY 18  "Deaf Gain"

DAY 19 "Super Eyeway"

DAY 20 "Spirit Crusher"

DAY 21 "Liberating Expression"

DAY 22 "Emotional Baggage"

DAY 23 "Expanding The Safety Net"

DAY 24 "Deaf Gain II"

DAY 25 "Sensory Switch"

DAY 26 "Archiving History Makers"

DAY 27 "The Three Elements & The Fourth Element"

DAY 28 "Most Valuable Asset"



Rainbow De'VIA book

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