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Anderson Designs provides video productions, website development, design and support for small size groups, businesses, and organizations at affordable prices.

Anderson Designs' video productions include the coordination, creation and design of video content, behind the scenes/studio logistics, management of live-streaming on various platforms.  If you are interested in creating a video that is developed, designed and/or live-streamed by Anderson Designs, just contact us to inquire and get a price quote. 


Anderson Designs selects and utilizes web building platforms that are SUPER user friendly for the customers to be able to access and modify their own website with or without assistance. 

Here are samples of website services provided:

  • built a website from scratch

  • revamp/overhaul a website

  • web design/style/branding consultation 

  • mobile friendly websites

  • web long/short term support and maintenance plans

The websites created by Anderson Designs over the past couple of years have all been generously donated. 

Anderson Designs will be moving forward in providing web services professionally.   If you are interested in creating a website developed, designed and/or maintained by Anderson Designs, just contact us to inquire and get a price quote. 

WEBSITES  created by Anderson Designs:

kad logo.png

Created 2020 | major overhaul/revamp & mobile friendly.  Handed over to organizaton to self-manage it, provide assistance as needed.

A non-profit organization.  100% Deaf Board of Directors.

Anderson Designs Logo.jpg

Created 2019 | from scratch & mobile friendly

Small business

MDHAC official logo.jpg

Created 2016 |major overhaul/revamp transition from wordpress to wix platform. Done from scratch & mobile friendly.  Handed over to organization to self-manage it.

A non-profit organization. 100% Deaf Board of Directors

ASL Connections digitized jpeg.jpg

Created 2017| from scratch

An Interpreting Service Agency - Deaf Owned

Handed over to business to self manage it, contract for assistance as needed.


Created 2015| from scratch

A statewide conference

Handed over to organization, no longer managed by Anderson Designs since 2016.

Deaf Women of OZ.jpg

Created 2011| from scratch

A Deaf women's organization - folded in 2012


Created 2010 | from scratch

A Beta Sigma Phi Chapter Getaway

Folded in 2011

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